Michael C Ford – Look Each Other In The Ears

When The Doors first formed Michael C Ford was considered for the bass player position, however, it was decided that keyboardist Ray Manzarek would play the bass on his organ instead. This decision gave the Doors their unique sound. Michael went on to become a Pulitzer Prize, Grammy nominated poet while all along remaining close friends and collaborators with the band as they rose to international stardom. This album marks a reunion and the last recording for the three Doors members, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore, backing up Michael C Ford as he recites his poetry. Vocal choruses are added by Tommy Jordan (Geggy Tah) and Angelo Moore (Fishbone).

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Ray Manzarek - Keyboards | Robby Krieger – Guitars | John Densmore – Drums | Tommy Jordan, Angelo Moore – Vocals | Paul Bushnell – Bass |Dave Ralicke, Danny Moynahan – Horns | Kieron Menzies – Mixing | Brian Big Bass Gardner – Mastering | Produced by Harlan Steinberger at Hen House Studios, Venice, California

When I first met Michael C. Ford, he didn’t have a C in his name. He was just Michael Ford… but he had hair. The late, great, Ray Manzarek introduced him as one of his film school buddies. He was the first guy I’d ever seen with Beatle hair. Or Rolling Stone hair. Michael said he played bass, and we needed a bass player… we thought. Then we found a keyboard bass that Ray could play with his left hand, and decided we didn’t need one. But Michael Ford already looked like a rocker. I aspired to that.

When the words started tumbling out of Michael’s mouth, the C became his middle ballast. And that voice. The ultimate hipster. I defy anyone to name a cooler cat then MC Ford. His breadth of knowledge about the scene is unmatched. He knows more about jazz drummers than I do! I think this record is really good… I mean really good. I hope you listeners will dig it, cause I dug it, and will dig it for a long time… – John Densmore

This recorded and print document is dedicated to: RAYMOND DANIEL MANZAREK. Yet, a thought comes to mind on the right way to honor my fallen musical brother, here, without the patina of precious gratuitous sentiment. To be honest, without the selfless spontaneous guidance of both Manzarek and Morrison, even, beyond UCLA film school days, I might not have been more motivated to pursue and cultivate my own multi-layered craft. Throughout subsequent years, they had set two perfect examples. And as Jim, once, put it in words with clear-eyed perception: We live, we die / & death not ends it! Let me bottom line you: some of Jim’s last words indicated his feeling that there are closed Doors and Doors, still, open. So, please, allow this dedication, in Ray’s honor, to include, also, Robby Krieger and John Densmore without whose trust and tenacity I wouldn’t so fully realize the fact that friendship and brotherhood never go away. – Michael C Ford